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Our Mission

To increase capacity for networked learning throughout your school district in order to further support the digital 1:1 transition and to close the digital divide.

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Access Fund Features*

  • Access granted with Monthly donation equivalent to or exceeding $50
  • Includes access to T-Mobile cellular data service (including mobile hotspot)
  • Includes Unlimited Data Plan (Available exclusively through Access Fund Program)
  • Enables mobile educational resource access to allow learning without walls
  • Includes access to dedicated customer support team


T-Mobile 4G LTE Hotspot

Model Z915 Model Alcatel
T-Mobile 4G LTE Hotspot Z915 device  or   T-Mobile 4G LTE Hotspot Alcatel device

If you frequently find yourself needing wireless access outside of your home or business this is the device for you. Weighing in at only 4.2 ounces and measuring slightly more than four inches long this ultraportable device can be thrown in your pocket or bag and taken with you anywhere your busy life demands. This device allows you to safely keep up to 10 devices connected to the coast to coast 4G LTE network. If you are ever concerned about where you are with your monthly data usage this device allows you to quickly access your usage at the touch of a button.To order this device click here.

Data Plan

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For the heavy individual data user or the always on the go family who needs to stay connected we offer the Unlimited Data Plan. This plan will allow you to access the same blazing fast 4G LTE network which is provided over a coast to coast coverage area, while never having to worry about hitting data limits. This plan will allow you to go anywhere, and access anything you and your family desire with the peace of mind of never having to worry about those annoying overage charges.

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How to Participate

To get started, please click here to continue on to our order form page where you will answer a series of questions to order your device and setup your wireless data plan.

Technical Matters

If you encounter any technical matters with your device or data plan please contact us at 256-428-6900.


*  Access Fund Program offers access to an unlimited data plan that is not otherwise accessible by non-government users. Due to the potential for increased burden on network infrastructure during peak hours of utilization, the service provider reserves the full right to reduce data transfer speeds (commonly referred to as "throttling") as necessary.

The Access Fund Program reserves the right to deny provision of services or to terminate existing account services if and as deemed necessary for the benefit of the program. In the event that an existing line of service is terminated at the option of Access Fund, the unamortized (prorated) portion of all prepaid balance(s) will be promptly refunded to the user(s).

International roaming is not covered under the Unlimited Data Plan. Any additional charges due to roaming usage billed to HCS will be passed on to the customer.